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کتاب راهنمای سیستم های محیط زیستی ایزو 14001

کتاب راهنمای سیستم های محیط زیستی ایزو 14001
ISO 14001 Environmental Systems Handbook

کتاب راهنمای سیستم های محیط زیستی ایزو 14001
ISO 14001 Environmental Systems Handbook


نویسنده: Ken Whitelaw
تاریخ نشر: اکتبر 2004
تعداد صفحات:237

توضیحات ناشر:

ISO 14001 Environmental Systems Handbook Second Edition outlines the scope and purpose of the standard, making it accessible to all. The author begins by explaining the concepts of the standard, which sets the tone for a practical guide to implementation of an ISO 14000-compliant environmental management system, which also covers the consultant's and auditor's perspective. The case studies from industries that have actually undergone the process have been updated to include information on their progress toward environmental objectives in the 18-24 months following implementation. A new case study from a service organisation ( a car lease company) will be added. Finally there is input from training organisations and certification and accreditation bodies to assist with trouble-shooting and assessment. Additional information is also included on international legislative issues. Comparisons with ISO 9000 will also be fully updated to reflect revisions to this standard. The book will offer the reader a range of options for implementation, and guidance on which is the best option to suit the particular organisation's culture.
Collection name: Materials & Mechanical

فهرست مطالب:

* Frontmatter
o Half Title Page
o Title Page
o Copyright
o Contents
o Preface
o Introduction
+ History of environmental management
+ The rise of the power and influence of the stakeholder
+ Disasters as environmental triggers
+ Sustainability
+ ISO 14001 evolution from previous environmental standards
+ SMEs
o Acknowledgements
* Chapter 1. Concepts and the spirit of ISO 14001
o Introduction
o Concepts of environmental control
o The spirit of ISO 14001
o Clauses of ISO 14001
o Summary
* Chapter 2. Implementation of ISO 14001
o Introduction
o The preparatory environmental review (PER)
o Clause 4.1: General requirements
o Clause 4.2: Environmental policy
o Clause 4.3: Planning
o Clause 4.4: Implementation and operation
o Clause 4.5: Checking and corrective action
o Clause 4.6: Management review
o Summary
* Chapter 3. The assessment process
o Introduction
o The regulatory framework for certification bodies (see Figure 3.1)
o The staged approach to certification (see Figure 3.2)
o Surveillances, or continuous assessment audits, following the stage 2 audit
o Summary
* Chapter 4. Integration of environmental management systems with other management systems
o Introduction
o Definition of an integrated management system
o Reasons for integration of management systems
o Integration brief overview of ISO 9001:2000 and OHSAS 18001
o Models of integration
o Summary
* Chapter 5. Case studies
o SSL International plc
o Lex Vehicle Leasing Ltd
o Waste Recycling Group plc
* Chapter 6. The auditor and auditing standards
o Introduction
o Auditor characteristics
o Auditor qualifications
o ISO 19011
o Auditor methodology
o Environmental auditing, the law and auditors
o Consultants
o Summary
* Appendix I: Glossary
* Appendix II: Accreditation criteria
* Appendix III: Additional information
o Section 1) The ISO 14000 series of standards
o Section 2) Website addresses
o Section 3) Regulations and guidance
o Section 4) Legislation updating
* Appendix IV: EMAS
o Introduction
o History, concepts and reasons for registration to EMAS
o Implementation of EMAS links to ISO 14001
o Environmental statements structure
o EMAS or ISO 14001?
o Summary
* Index

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