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Introduction to Hazop+ 2008

What is a HAZOP Study?

The Hazard and Operability Study (or HAZOP Study) is a standard hazard analysis technique used in the preliminary safety assessment of new systems or modifications to existing ones.

The HAZOP study is a detailed examination, by a group of specialists, of components within a system to determine what would happen if that component were to operate outside its normal design mode.

The effects of such behavior is then assessed and noted down on study forms. The categories of information entered on these forms can vary from industry to industry and from company to company.

Hazop Process - Hazop+ 2008 from Isograph

Hazop+ 2008 Key Features

Highly Customizable

Hazop+ 2008 is uniquely customizable. If the pre-defined data sheets do not fit your requirements you can easily add extra fields that do. These custom fields act just like the pre-defined fields within the program and reports.

Risk Ranking

Hazop+ 2008 provides you with the tools to define your own Risk Ranking matrices. You can choose any two input field and associate the permutations with a specified output field.


The HAZOP study is divided into nodes. These nodes are likely to represent equipment within your system or plant.

Child-nodes give you the possibility of defining a hierarchical structure to represent your system or plant.

Causes, Consequences and Safeguards

Causes, Consequences and Safeguards are vital components of your HAZOP study. Hazop+ 2008 makes it very easy to add and edit these within your study.

Deviations, Parameters and Guide-Words

There are two equivalent methods used in a HAZOP study. In Hazop+ 2008 you can choose whichever suits you - deviations or parameters and guide-words.

The deviation "More flow" is equivalent to the parameter "Flow" and the guide-word "More".

Editable Study Grid

The Study grid is completely editable. You can select, change and add Causes, Consequences and Actions within the grid.

Advanced Find Facilities

The advanced find facilities allow you to search for text within the Nodes, Deviations, Parameters, Guide-Words, Causes, Consequences, Safeguards, Actions and Likelihoods.

Instant Reporting

Every data sheet has its own Instant Reports. You can preview or print the most used data within the sheet with a single click

SQL-based Customizable Reports

If the pre-defined instant reports aren't enough you can define your own completely unique reports using SQL queries on a generated database.


Hazop+ 2008 lets you easily define actions or recommendations you have decided on as a result of your HAZOP study.

Other Techniques

Hazop+ 2008's customizable nature makes it highly adaptable; you can perform numerous other types of study within the program. These are just some of the custom techniques you can carry out:


Control or Computer Hazard and Operability Analysis.

SIL Analysis

Safety Integrity Level Analysis.

IEC-61508 Assessments


Hazop+ 2008 Mini-Site

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