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Fault Tree Analysis Software - FaultTree+

FaultTree+ is the world’s most popular fault tree software package incorporating fault tree analysis, event tree analysis and Markov analysis.

What's in FaultTree+?

FaultTree+ includes three modules:

  • Fault Tree Analysis. Allowing you to construct and analyze fault tree diagrams.
  • Event Tree Analysis. Event trees allow you to analyze the possible outcomes of an event occurring.
  • Markov Analysis. Enabling the construction of Markov models for components with large interdependencies.

What is Fault Tree Analysis?

Fault tree diagrams represent the logical relationship between sub-system and component failures and how they combine to cause system failures. The TOP event of a fault tree represents a system event of interest and is connected by logical gates to component failures known as basic events.

After creating the diagram, failure and repair data is assigned to the system components. The analysis is then performed, to calculate reliability and availability parameters for the system and identify critical components.

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What is Event Tree Analysis?

Event tree diagrams provide a logical representation of the possible outcomes following a hazardous event. Event tree analysis provides an inductive approach to reliability and risk assessment and are constructed using forward logic.

FaultTree+ includes integrated event tree analysis. The event tree model may be linked to the fault tree model by using fault tree gate results as the source of event tree probabilities.

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What is Markov Analysis?

Markov analysis provides a method of analyzing the reliability and availability of sub-systems representing components with strong interdependencies. Markov analysis is often used to model dependencies such as:

  • Components in Warm/Cold Standby
  • Common maintenance personnel
  • Common spares with a limited on-site stock

FaultTree+ allows the user to construct Markov models for use as the source of basic event data. The Markov models may also be analyzed independently of the fault tree analysis.

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Features of FaultTree+

Isograph has built its reputation on the efficiency, accuracy, stability and ruggedness of its FaultTree+ product. This is why there are thousands of FaultTree+ installations world-wide that are currently being used on major projects in industries as varied as aerospace, defense, automotive, nuclear, rail, chemical process plant, oil & gas and medical amongst many others.

It can efficiently solve fault trees of the order of 20,000 gates and 20,000 basic events, using world class analytical methods.

On top of this, the user-friendly interface (running in a standard Microsoft Windows environment) allows simple creation or adaptation of projects.

Fault Tree Analysis, Event Tree Analysis, Markov Analysis, FaultTree+ from Isograph
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